Nuomi design
Jewelery handmade with design and creation in Barcelona. We create pieces of good quality, made by hand, without hurry and with much affection.
Accessories Jewelery
Aina Barcelona
Aina Barcelona designs and creates jewelery for authentic people who seek to carry in their day to day a new complement to their personality. 100% Sterling Silver
Woman's fashion Men's fashion Jewelery
Ale y Olé
Ale y Olé: a daily dose of style. Jewelry for your everyday.
Woman's fashion Jewelery Imitation jewelery
Anitials is a brand of exclusive clothing and accessories, customized with initials.
Jewelery Imitation jewelery
Banoffee is a brand of jewelry, custom accessories and swimwear. All its products are distinguished by its characteristic fine and elegant style.
Swimsuits Jewelery
In Glunt you can find everything from the clock with the most original wooden dial to the most elegant and minimalist jewel.
Accessories Jewelery Imitation jewelery
Hazelnut Jewelry
It is born of the enterprising spirit of young people wanting to change the rules of the game. We believe in jewelry as a form of expression.
Accessories Jewelery Imitation jewelery
Nomada Artesania
Trendy silver jewelry of simple design, comfortable and for any occasion, aimed at women with bohemian spirit, passionate about travel and who love the lull of the waves.
Jewelery Imitation jewelery
Trens Joies
Trens Joies, the brand new for all lovers of modern jewelry and watchmaking. Latest trend designs with high quality finishes.
Woman's fashion Men's fashion Jewelery
Virutas d'Inaf
Virutas D'Inaf is soul. His pieces of clothing, accessories and crafts come from different parts of the world. Each silver jewel is made with love and care.
Accessories Woman's fashion Jewelery
Trésors is the result of a careful selection of decoration and lifestyle objects that revolve around the "slow" movement. Unique objects for unique people.
Accessories Jewelery Decor
VSB Jewels
Ecological Jewelry
Nunu BCN
Nunu-bcn bets on semi-jewels with natural stone and finishes in high-quality gold plating. It combines a Mediterranean aesthetic with the beauty of the tropical.
Accessories Jewelery Imitation jewelery
Leitmotif Joies
Leitmotif Joies is a jewelry brand for people who love nature and small details. Handmade jewelry inspired by the sea and the earth that surrounds us.
La fusta boja
La fusta boja takes you to a new experience in jewelry and artisan jewelry and design, combining silver and wood.
Jewelery Imitation jewelery
P D PAOLA Jewelry is a brand of online prêt-à-porter jewelry for contemporary women who follow the style "efortless elegance" in their day to day.
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