In Crescendo


We grow up. It is unavoidable. We grow older, we mature. From a window we can still see the children who were one day.

In Crescendo propose a musical, temporary and emotional journey through memories to enter a very small world, which in the eyes of a child seems immense. Fear, dreams, magic, overcoming, games, television ... The new show will reinterpret them through music, with unique arrangements by Lluís Pérez Cansell.

We face songs of all kinds, some 100% a capella and others accompanied by live instruments - performed by the same members of the group. The challenge: surprisingly version a battery of themes known by all types of audiences, tunes that occupy a space in the subconscious of anyone.

Among these songs we will find: movie hits, a lullaby, advertising jingles and television melodies, a classic waltz, a medley of games and popular songs, as well as original songs of the group.

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