Los Mambo Jambo



Los Mambo Jambo are still exploring the possibilities of instrumental rock & roll after the successes harvested in their live and burning acts. After strolling through national and international stages with the two previous albums, Los Mambo Jambo present the album Jambology and attack with this third LP, with original songs that continue to dive into the instrumental rock'n'roll, surfing and rhythm & blues. The result is a unique and suggestive mixture that constitutes the "jambofonic sound".

In the new LP, Los Mambo Jambo draw with these rough but ingenious features these pocket symphonies that do not need words to tell extraordinary stories.

Dani Nel·lo on sax, Dani Baraldi on guitar, Ivan Kovacevic on bass and Anton Jarl on drums set the band as one of the best live acts that can be seen in our country, distilling attitude, precision and commitment.

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