Everything you need to know about the White Summer 2018 festival

1. What is the festival?

White Summer is a festival that combines the latest trends in performing arts, design, gastronomy and music concerts and shows. The Festival takes place in Mas Gelabert, in Pals, a unique space.

An incomparable environment, activities for all ages, a careful selection of ephemeral stores, food trucks and gourmet proposals for everyone, the best music and countless shows come together to create an unforgettable experience.

2. When is the festival celebrated?

White Summer 2018 will be held uninterruptedly from August 4 to 26, from 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

3. Where is the festival celebrated?

The festival is celebrated at Mas Gelabert farmhouse in Serres de Pals, Pals. 17256 Girona.

4. Can I park?

Yes. We have free parking for cars, motorcycles and bicycles for the festival attendees.

5. Do children have to pay?

No. Children under 12 have free admission.

6. Which price does the entrance have?

The ticket price is 7 euros.

7. Can I pay with credit card to the different establishments present at the festival premises?

Credit card payment is accepted in all festival spaces, as well as the ticket office. There is no ATM in the festival area. The purchases inside the site can be made in cash, and by card.

8. Can I exit and go back to the festival site on the same day?

To go out and go back, you must request a stamp at any of the entrance and exit access of the festival.

9. Is there an age limit to enter the festival? Can I bring my pet?

There is no age restriction to visit White Summer festival. White Summer is the summer event where everyone has a place, from 0 to 99 years old and more.

Pets are always allowed at all times. It is mandatory to carry bags to collect the needs of the animal. Among all, it is necessary to take care of the site and surroundings.

10. What happens in the event of rain?

On rainy or windy days the planned activity continues as long as there is no risk for visitors or workers. Once inside the site, tickets will not be returned in case of bad weather.

11. Can I connect to the internet?

We have free Wi-Fi network for all visitors. All users of the Wi-Fi network will enter a raffle to win great prizes.

12. What can I do if I lose something during the White Summer visit?

In White Summer we have a lost item service. You just need to go to the information point and they will be there. Another option is to send an email to info@whitesummer.es and we will try to help you.

13. Does the festival have health services?

The festival has a first aid facility services. In case of need of attention, you can go to the information point and a member of the team of the festival will accompany you to the health service point. You also have to remember that there are bathrooms for people with reduced mobility.

14. If my diet is special, what services can I find in White Summer?

There are different alternative culinary options at the restoration points. You will find options for vegetarian, organic, gluten-free and vegan foods.

15. Can I bring food at the festival?

No. It is forbidden to enter food and drink at the site. Only food allowed is for children and babies.

16. Can I smoke inside the festival site?

White Summer is celebrated mostly in an outdoors and you can smoke. It is forbidden to throw bushes on the lawn. The enclosure has built-up bins and ashtrays.

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