'Natural consciences' exhibition

Del 05.08.17 al 27.08.17

It is clear that art and nature have been, are and will always be linked.

The exhibition Natural consciences, that White Summer presents, is a wonderful adventure where, from different artistic disciplines such as photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and installation, the different points of view with which each artist perceives nature will be demonstrated as part of an own work philosophy.

Nowadays, the landscape is a privilege; being able to enjoy, being able to be surrounded by nature, of silence, of smells, is a jewel that we have, often without being aware. Nature is related to well-being, knowing how to enjoy small things, knowing how to observe, smell, walk, breathe, listen, study, draw, write ... In short, a luxury that is already half way to becoming a museum piece. Nature has been controlled by humans, to a great extent, it is no longer a nature understood as itself, with constructed and controlled landscapes. The landscape concept changes throughout history and, from a point of view of risk, we want to raise what we find in its museisation. As Pere Jaume wrote in his latest book Pagèsiques "... aware that nature has ended up departing, protected areas, reserved areas, natural parks ... They are but the image of that absence, the memory footprint of Gods, the posthumous asylum of that memory ... As a living museum, the natural space will soon have no inhabitants but visitors ... ".

We must not let the forests cease to be what they are, they can not become pieces of art to observe in captivity. We must be aware of the importance of nature, of its reality with everything that it entails, of its history and, consequently, of ours.

In the exhibition curated by Tatiana Blanqué, presents several works of prestigious artists of national and international recognition, and with a close connection with the territory, l’Empordà,  who are spokespersons of this project that brings us closer to the thought of contemporary natural consciences.


Fiona Morrison

Pilar Farrés

Manu vb Tintoré

Xavier Escribà

Manel Galià

Guillermo Basagoiti

J.L. Pascual

Dani García Sarabia

Luis Krauel

Tatiana Blanqué

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