Katia Walls i Victòria Peñalver - Referential of Birth

Since its creation in the 80's, the referntial of birth, which is calculated from the date of birth, has become a formidable tool for the solution of personal conflicts and relationships. Helps for psychotherapy, coaching, creativity, and human resources. As a symbolic language, it allows us to decipher the meaning of certain events in our lives to extract lessons from wisdom.

Inspired in part by photo-language, it encourages the use of symbols to develop reflection and creativity. The referential of birth is a method of self-knowledge that allows to give life to the archetypes of Tarot from the own experience. As a model for humans structure and the universe, the referential of birth offers therapists, pedagogues and all those interested, a conceptual and practical tool for any process of interpersonal development and healing, individual as per your company.

The conference will be given by Katia Walls, a practitioner and trainer, credited by Collecie Colleuil, creator of the referential of birth, and will be attended by Vicky Peñalver.
















Vicky Peñalver.

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