Ángeles Wolder - Biological decodification

The art of body listeninng


By the hand of Ángeles Wolder, director of the Original Biological Decoding School and author of the book The Art of Listening to the Body (a self-publication of 2,000 copies sold), we want to accompany people interested in listening to their body. To be aware of how we are, thanks to the messages that our body emits, and the possibilities of change that we have, if there is something that displeases us. All starts from the question: how do we feel? When the predominant emotions are not positive for us, Ángeles proposes to contact them to tell us what blocks us. With this starting point, another possibility is presented to restore our well-being and inner balance, in order to be well with ourselves, accepting what happened, since everything happens for some reason. As we learn everything to know how to choose and, consequently, what we want and how we want it and thus help us to grow personally and to have an effect on mankind.

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